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LongevEating Workshop Lisboa

Dernière mise à jour : 28 janv. 2020

In a bright setting in the heart of Lisbon... Caroline Matrullo and Anne-Sophie Terakopiantz combine their expertise to assist you in designing a healthier body and kitchen.

While Caroline explains the principles of anti-aging through diet choices, Anne-Sophie will teach you how to prep and cook meals that are in alignment with these principles. Meals are for the solo cook or the entire family!

@longeveating LongevEating Workshop - Lisboa

The following four workshops will help you find your way to a healthy life: 4 workshops of 4 hours each. price: 120€/person or 40€/workshop unit/person Limited space.

For more information:

WORKSHOP 1 - FROM 9H30 TO 13H30 Why Are We Getting Fat? Gain power over sugar through a low-carb diet.

WORKSHOP 2 - FROM 9H30 TO 13H30 Losing Weight by Consuming Fat? Here’s to good fats!

WORKSHOP 3 - FROM 9H30 TO 13H30 The 10 Commandments of the Anti-Aging Diet Basic food principles to guide you.

WORKSHOP 4 - FROM 9H30 TO 13H30 The Intestine, Our Second Brain Detoxination - Detoxification...WHAT IS THAT?

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